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Haley is leaving for a year... to England... across an ocean. So we made an album, a goodbye album.


released April 29, 2017

Special thank yous to our friends whom we love so much... so much it hurts!

Mary-Kate, Sie, Ilyse, Sarah, Justin, Felix, you've all been instrumental to our social livelihood in the making of this album. We'll always love you.

And to Nana Dot, and Kyha's mom Trinh - you saw it before we did



all rights reserved


Sleepy Slap Peterborough, Ontario

Welcome! Our names are Haley Sheppard and Kyha Craig; together we are Sleepy Slap.

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Track Name: Teammate
(un, deux, trois, quatre)

I want you to know I've loved you this whole year
Let's play it once more baby before we disappear
I'll always be your rookie, I'll book it hard for you
It can be all new

With you I get high, ride the city bus
Fall on some guy but you pull me off
We walk in the dark and talk about our team
A team of you and me, a team that can't be beat

At the karaoke bar eyes from afar
I know it makes you nervous
I'm here I know it's hard
I'll sing one for you baby
I'll put on a good show
In my fur coat
Do you wanna go


With you a night is a moment
With you I'm not a fool, I'm intelligent
With I feel cool and I think you feel the same
Cuz you're the best player you're my teammate


I'll leave with you (if you wanna go)
I'll dance with you (if you wanna though)
I'll sleep with you (only you alone)
I'll cry with you (happy sad or both)


I'll be your teammate your best friend
You and me will always win

(1, 2, 3, 4)

Nobody matters we're a team that can't be beat
Nothing else matter we're a team that can't be beat
Only you matter, you're my teammate
Only you matter, you're my teammate
Track Name: Fool
I know I'm a fool
I'll be drunk and you'll be sober
I'll act young and you'll act older
I know I'm a fool

And you know you're no fun
You're asleep while I'm awake
I show up you always flake
You know you're no fun

And I know I'm a fool
Yeah I know I'm a fool

But I don't know when you're lying
And you don't notice me trying
We might not know where we stand
But I know I like holding your hand

You say that you think I am cool
And I feel like less of a fool
Yeah I feel like less of a fool
Track Name: My Bandmate Kyha
I’ve spent a lot of my days
down abbey lane
in Kyha’s room
now May is coming soon

since this september
we’ve spent together
probably 94 days
I would say

I knew that we were close
but I’ll miss you the most
when we’re apart
at least you won’t smell my farts

you wear pretty lingerie
our eyes appreciate
one day someone new will see
how graceful you'll be

in your lingerie
it’s almost May
you’ll be planting trees
all the bugs on the leaves

think of the sweat and the heat
your lingerie will be
left behind

I get stressed and shy
you reassure me and don’t mind
you get drunk easily
you get extra silly

you eat pasta for dinner
love is hard we’re beginners
you feel like a fool
together we’ll make it cool

you know a lot of words
some that I’ve never heard
you text me in french
Tu m'apprends tellement

you’re a vulnerable flower
get hurt by the hour
but you’re always growing
Kyha it’s showing

soon we'll stop with the games
it’s almost May
I’ll be on an island
all rock and no sand

you've gotta trust me
and these men will be
left behind

when I think of your mom
I smile because
she raised you so well
I can tell she is so proud

fourth year we’ll make
a comeback I can’t wait
me, you and the stars
Kyha it’s not that far away…

I just wanted to say
it’s almost May
but I’ll think of this year
now close your eyes here

Kyha listen to me
our friendship won’t be
left behind
Track Name: My Fur Coat
In my fur coat
I am so safe
Take on the world
Fist fights everyday

In my fur coat
I flash sneaky smiles
I huddle in comfort
My inner child

It's faux
It's so faux don't you know?
Don't you know
Don't you know
These days it's all faux
But I am real in my faux glow

Dig in my pockets
Finding raw rice
From the other night

Keep with me
An extra button
Just in case
I lose one of those shiny things

It's faux
It's so faux don't you know?
Don't you know
Don't you know
These days it's all faux

It's faux
These days it's all faux
But I am real in my faux glow